25 professionals with a strong integration between the legal and tax area

Capital markets and structured finance

SabelliBenazzo law firm provides its domestic and foreign clients made up of issuing companies qualified investors, business banks, institutional operators, placement and guarantee consortiums and related underwriters with the experience gained by their professionals in issuing, placement and subscription of financial instruments, equity and debt, such as shares and debentures or other debt securities, derivative and hybrid products.
SabelliBenazzo law firm also followed and managed various processes of IPO and access to capital markets, with precise assistance to companies at every stage of the listing process and definition of related actions, documents and agreements, as well as interlocution with Supervisory Authorities.
Particular attention and experience are also addressed to new forms of access to capital markets through crowd-funding and online portals.
SabelliBenazzo law firm regularly assists listed companies in the most important phases of their corporate life and in their relationships with Italian and foreign authorities for control and management of the market.